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This is regarding a recent personal experience at Tequila Ranch. This bar restaurant is located in Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale, FL.

With many options existing inside the hotel & casino we advise you to stay away from the high prices, low quality of service and seemingly disregard for customer satisfaction as spend your money at better establishments that are much higher rated.

We are NOT the only ones complaining about the service and experience at Tequila Ranch. Simply look at other Google Reviews

I originally enjoyed Tequila Ranch although their drink prices outside of happy hour were a bit on the over-priced side, especially compared to the bars and restaurants at Hard Rock. However, I found the chips and salsa and the entrees to be good.

That opinion changed with my last few visits & particularly last week which was both appalling and disgusting.

I arrived with my friend to a non-busy restaurant roughly around 3pm on a weekday (Tuesday March 31st, 2015) , there was maybe 2 other people at the bar. The bartender (she seemed new) was quick to take our drink order but came back twice to clarify the simply margarita drink my friend ordered. The drinks came back in 5 minutes.

We then placed an order for Salsa & Chips which usually comes out within a few minutes. After several minuted passed the bartender realized she had forgotten about us and saw us looking at her awaiting some acknowledgement. She then said “salsa and chips…right”.

After 10 additional minutes (again the restaurant was not at all busy) we asked her where the order was…at THAT point we saw her verbally ask the kitchen for salsa & chips. No apology at all. Additionally, we never knew about your Taco Tuesday promotion because your bartender failed to mention this to us.

After a few minutes a member of your staff…sniffling and sweating, brought our chips and salsa order over….the chips were delivered fine but as your staff member was handing the salsa over I noticed almost his entire THUMB was dipped in the salsa.

We paid for our drinks and left immediately.

Not only is this a disgusting and unacceptable way to serve the simplest of orders, it’s also terrible service to forget a simple drink order numerous times, fail to offer us any promo items and fail to check on our order.

The above was sent to Tequila Ranch’s official website and was also tweeted (as mentioned) to Tequila Ranch on Twitter. A simple apology or acknowledgement would have been acceptable but the message went completely ignored in both instances.

We recommend avoiding this restaurant and bar

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