For sports fans in Miami there is a reason to say hoorah! Let’s look the variety of sports in Miami and the fantastic teams that currently make their homes there.


The professional football team is the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins are always a contender for the league championship, which leads to the Super Bowl. The college team is the Miami Hurricanes. Attend a Miami Hurricanes match against the Florida Gators from University of Florida and see a major college football rivalry.


Miami is home to the three-time world champion team, the Miami Heat. Pre-season is warming up right now with exhibition games. Once the season gets underway, they routinely play before audiences in the tens of thousands.


Baseball fans love the Miami Marlins. Join the crowd at the games to help break the annual attendance record of 2,219,444 set in 2012!


World-famous soccer player David Beckham proposes to bring a professional soccer team to Miami as the owner of the new Miami MLS team.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey in Miami? You have to be kidding; the place is rarely below 80° F. Nevertheless, yes, Miami has a marvelous ice hockey team named the Miami Redhawks who are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division and the Florida Panthers who play in the NHL

Auto Racing

Miami has the Homested Miami Speedway with lots of racing events. When the events are not running it is possible to rent an exotic racecar and take it for a spin on the track. They also have music concerts there.

Super Boat Racing

In the Super Boat International, see boats fly across the water at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour.


Don’t miss the Miami Open with the world’s best-ranked men and women players

Jai Alai

This is the fastest game in the world and you can bet on the matches in the associated casino.

Fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving and more.

There is plenty to do in the Miami area on the water, which is fun. Fishing takes the form of throwing a simple line in the Miami River or going out on a boat for wreck fishing or further out into the ocean for big-game fishing. Scuba diving is wonderful and can be a treasure hunt.

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